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Our vision started with an entrepreneurial spirit, the love for wellness living and the concern for others that brought about the establishment of Royal Beverage Corporation.

The goal of Royal Beverage Corporation is to be a world leader in the beverage sector that sources and produces a wide-range of non-alcoholic beverages in a self-sustaining way, while promoting healthy living an at affordable price.

People are a reflection of what we inject into our bodies, and in the market-place today, there is a wide variety of fanciful promotion of beverages presented as being good for us yet they are harmful to our health and dangerous to our well-being.


I have a very sensitive stomach so there are not many drinks I can tolerate. I was skeptical at first but my husband persuaded me. Since I tried Kiki, I have had it very often because it agrees very well with me. It is gentle on my stomach and I feel really good whenever I drink it.
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I got some bottles of kiki as agift from a friend. I drank it everyday until I ran out supply and then went in search of it. It is very satisfying and I love that it is sugar-free and it has great health benefits too. I highly recommend it
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I tasted Kiki for the first time at the store showing at Sobeys on Corydon Avenue. I immediately bought some bottles and took them home. Now both my husband and I are hooked 🙂My favorite is the Refreshing Ginger and Lemon flavor
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